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Heart Of Glass Silkening Shampoo 250ml


Gentle Shampoo that will cleanse and Clarify blonde tones, provide nourishment to natural and cosmetically treated hair.


This vibrant hue comes from the natural extract of Jagua fruit which is sustainably grown in Colombia to help maintain biodiversity. The blue from the Jagua extract guarantees a delicate chromatic balancing of the shades and is perfect for all types of blonde hair — this will help cool tone blondes steer away from warm hues, and prevent the warm-toned blondes from becoming even warmer. If you’re noticing dullness after things like sun, chlorine or saltwater exposure, this will help to revive the natural shine, glossiness and vitality of your hair.

And as a bonus: it can be used with every single wash, as there is no risk of chromatic overload.



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